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Michael Coteau reply from Ms. Mlakar MCYS

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Dear Mr. More,

Please find attached a reply to your letter regarding the status of the provincial approach to addressing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Thank you,

Sent on behalf of Marian Mlakar
Children and Youth at Risk Branch
Ministry of Children and Youth Services

Ministry of Children and Youth Services

Policy Development and Program Design Division

Ministere  des  Services a
l'enfance et a la jeunesse
Division de !'elaboration des politiques et dela conception des programmes

Children and Youth at Risk Branch

101 Bloor Street West 2nd Floor
Toronto ON M5S 227 Phone: (416) 327-0115
Fax:     (416) 212-2021

January 16, 2017

Direction des enfants et des jeunes  a risque
101,rue Bloor Ouest 2° etage
Toronto ON  M5S 227
Tel. :(416) 327-0115
Telec. : (416) 212-2021

I/Jr   Ontario

Robert More
5150 Roger Stevens Dr. Smith Falls, ON
K7A 4S6 Dear Mr. More,
Thank you for your letter concerning the status of the development of a provincial approach to addressing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASO). Your letter has been forwarded to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond and provide you with an update on the work currently underway in Ontario to address the impact of FASO on individuals and families.

Ontario is committed to improving outcomes for people living with FASO through the development of a provincial approach to FASO. Building on a province-wide engagement in 2014, and the release of the former Parliamentary Assistant's roundtable report, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) engaged in dialogue with other government ministries, service providers, families and caregivers, individuals affected by FASO, researchers and clinicians, Indigenous partners, and others to seek input on how to move forward on a provincial approach to FASO.

Our current priorities for the provincial approach focus on:
             Awareness and prevention;
             Screening, assessment and diagnosis;
              Programs and services;
             Support for families and caregivers; and
              Data collection and performance measurement.

Through work on these priority areas, MCYS' goal is to develop a better understanding of the prevalence of FASO, as well as the financial impact of the disorder, as outlined in

your letter. As you point out, MCYS recognizes that many reports have indicated that individuals diagnosed with FASO have a disproportionately high representation in the justice system, and through the provincial approach to FASO, MCYS is working to better understand the impact of the disorder on children and youth in Ontario.

MCYS is currently in the developmental phase of this work. Information on the provincial approach to FASO will be communicated publically as it becomes available. I invite you to continue to check MCYS's website for updates on the province's work on FASO at: www.children  ish/topics/specialneeds/fasd/index.aspx.

Thank you for your commitment to improving the lives of individuals with FASO in Ontario.

Children and Youth at Risk Branch

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  1. This response is so disappointing, and yet about as expected. It commits to nothing. And to say that MCYS needs more time and more dialogue to understand the prevalence and impact of FASD on families in Ontario - after all of the work already done, and the detailed findings in the existing roundtable report - speaks volumes about their lack of action and intent here. Infuriating.