Wednesday, 4 January 2017

FASD resolutions

The following article is being shared with anyone who is impacted by FASD, mental illness, or a disability.   Even though we all have unique situations, hopefully, some of these resolutions will strike a chord.  The following resolutions were shared with me by a young adult diagnosed with FASD.
This year,
1)     I resolve to remember to put things away and not leave them at the job site or lying around the house.
2)     I resolve to listen to my watch and when it beeps, go to work, take my break, and go home.
3)     I resolve to let my manager handle my money and live on my allowance.
4)     I resolve to take my anxiety pills and melatonin every night so I don’t have nightmares.
5)     I resolve to thank my coworkers, support team, family and friends for sticking with me no matter what.
6)     I resolve to try and fight the urge to run when I get put on the spot.
7)     I resolve to try and handle the constant anger that I feel.
8)     I resolve to talk to someone when things get bad.
9)     I resolve to remember the police are my friends especially if I am running away.
10)  I resolve not to use social media, alcohol, drugs, gambling, hitchhiking or cigarettes to deal with my anxiety or anger.
11)  I resolve to remember that structure and boundaries are good things.
12)  I resolve to remember when my horse is acting up, it is probably me struggling.
13)  I resolve to remember freedom does exist within the fenced paddock.
14)  I resolve to remember I do have a lot of strengths and have accomplished a lot of good things.
15)  I resolve to stop for five seconds and think when someone suggests doing something.
16)  I resolve to stick with the friends who watch out for me.
17)  I resolve to keep writing and drawing every night.
18)  I resolve to read my journal once a month and realize things are getting better.
19)  I resolve to have the courage to say I know I need help.
20)  Finally, I resolve to believe this year will be the best year I have ever had.
And let me add, I resolve to help support SCJ accomplish these resolutions to the best of my ability.

Rob More

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