Saturday, 6 January 2018

Template letter for Education Minister Hunter

As you are likely aware Bill 191 has currently been tabled and waiting for second and third reading.   Bill 191 would amend the Education Act to have Ontario school boards develop a strategy on how to help students impacted by FASD.

It is important to understand why it has been tabled, though.  MPP Kiwala, as a backbencher does not have any more opportunities to have this bill read.  It requires a cabinet minister to do so.  The most likely minister is Education Minister Hunter who has informally shown support for the bill.  However, it is clear our current government is not currently willing to mandate FASD as a priority issue due to the fact all cabinet ministers removed themselves for the FASD motion vote so not to show support on behalf of the current government.

When the election writ is dropped in the next few months, all bills waiting readings will be gone and so Bill 191 will disappear.

We need to speak as one voice from all parts of the province this is not acceptable.  Even if Bill 191 doesn't impact you directly, as long as this government refuses to mandate any legislature related to FASD, they will not look at any supports in any ministry.  This Bill is our opportunity to state that the next government needs to make FASD a priority.

We know what kind of power a personal story has.  We got 26 million dollars over 4 years due to the power of the stories you shared with MPP Granville Anderson.  We need to share those stories again with Minister Hunter.

To this end, I would encourage you to use the following template and send a letter to the following MPP's.  Please complete the letter and send it to from MPP Kiwala's office

and your local MPP

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