Thursday, 7 December 2017

MPP Kiwala FASD Education Bill

MPP Kiwala announced today she will be bringing a private member motion to the floor of Queen's Park for debate on Thursday, December 14 at approximately 1pm.  I have seen a draft version of this motion and it is focused on providing much needed supports in our educational system for children impacted by FASD.  MPP Kiwala did draft it in consultation with Education Minister Mitzi Hunter.  It did go to the Premier's desk for study and got sent back.

However, in the past ten years, only 6% of all private member motions have passed in Queen's Park.  MPP Kiwala is asking for us to encourage our MPP's to support this motion and attend the debate to clearly show our resolve.

If you can attend, please RVSP by this Monday, Dec 11 5pm.

If you can't attend, please contact your MPP using the link below to encourage them to vote in favour of this bill.  

This is our moment to rise up and clearly tell our provincial government we are here.  The fact MPP Kiwala has to bring it to Queen's Park as a private member motion means MPP Coteau of MCYS and Premier Wynne are still dismissing us.  Please send a message to all three parties we see this as an election issue.  Are they willing to represent us in our work or not?

I am encouraged that MPP Kiwala and Education Minister Hunter are still forging ahead with it.  Let them also know how much we appreciate their advocacy for us.

Good Afternoon,

The Office of MPP Sophie Kiwala

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  1. Hi Rob. I also received the invite ... and am planning to attend the reading on Dec 14th. I am also sending the info out our our FASD community. As you noted, it is imparative that the FASD community contact their local MPP and make it clear that we need them to support the bill and that we plan to make it an election issue.
    Mark Courtepatte
    Hamilton FASD Parent & Caregiver Support Group

  2. Hi Rob. I received some updated info on the Dec 14 planned motion and debate. Briefly it is for the Province of Ontario to recognize Seo 9 as the Official FASD Day. The Private Member's Bill on Education is being raised this week however it is not being tabled for debate on Dec 14. I will email you the info. Regards, Mark